Welcome to the PIFS NSA Grants Facility. This facility looks to support NSAs in the Pacific region to translate their policy engagement into concrete mechanisms and actions, and to reinforce their linkages to their constituencies, and strengthen their internal governance and coordination structures.

The Grants aim to strengthen and support NSAs to actively participate and contribute to regional policy development and implementation.

The specific objectives of the Grant Facility are:

1. Create spaces for non-state actors to participate in, or influence regional policy dialogue
2. Strengthen linkages and information flows to constituent groups
3. Building capacity for meaningful policy dialogue
4. Research, analysis and advocacy strategy development around regional policy issues


Published Call for Proposals

 Reference Number  Deadline for Submissions  Status                
GR03 Friday 19th May 2017 Closed 
GR02  Thursday 20th October 2016 Closed 
GR01  Monday 14th December 2015  Closed